Business purchase and sales since 1982

Hahebo is known as buyer and seller of new and used corporate inventory, assets, supplies and stocklots. Specializing in business inventories, inventories, trade party and Office.

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Over 30 years a reliable partner!

Hahebo has become a major international player in the field of buying and selling goods in the past decades. Through our experience, we are able to take care of any advanced purchase and project. Hahebo is your reliable buyer who takes care from A to Z!

Wholesale Buyer Hahebo - The Netherlands

Hahebo is known as buyer of new and used corporate inventory, assets, supplies and stocklots. With over 100 employees there is not a single project we can’t handle. Hahebo is mainly interested in inventory like used machinery, office furniture, warehouse equipment, company cars, customer adress files, (generic) domain names, computers, and gastronomy equipment. We also buy your used stocks, supplies and all other trade goods. Hahebo is expert in buying from bankruptcy, often including real estate properties, making Hahebo an ideal partner for companies in finance and law.

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Unique qualities and service of Hahebo Wholesale buyer

Hahebo takes work off your hands and offers a total package of services:

  • Buying everything at once for its own risk.
  • Selling your trade goods outside your own target region.
  • Works disceetly and confidentially.
  • Has an exellent team of specialists that works quickly.
  • No unexpected costs and charges.
  • Payment before the actual transfer.
  • Provides a building broom-clean policy.
  • Can arrange worldwide shipping and storage.
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