Selling assets?

Hahebo is wholesale buyer of various types of assets. If for example you want your car, machines or even parts of your plant to be purchased, you can go to Hahebo.


Over 30 years a reliable partner!

Hahebo has become a major international player in the field of buying and selling goods in the past decades. Through our experience, we are able to take care of any advanced purchase and project. Hahebo is your reliable buyer who takes care from A to Z!

Method by selling your assets

The method of Hahebo Wholesale buyer is simple, plain and clear. Honest business is paramount. Hahebo is not for quick success and ‘score’, but always strives to maintain a good long-term relationship, where mutual trust plays an important role. For more information about selling your assets to Hahebo, please contact our purchasers.

More information about our method can be found through the link below.


Method Hahebo

More information by selling assets?

More information about selling your inventory? Then check quickly the possibilities. Let our purchasers assess the value your goods and inventory, fill out our free valuation! Response within 3 workdays.