Selling store inventory?


With more than 30 years of experience Hahebo is the Buyer of your store inventory, whether it concerns your complete inventory or a part thereof, we are always interested. We are mainly interested in large batches:

  • Racks.
  • Lighting.
  • Sales counters.
  • ICT / till system.

More information about selling to Hahebo? Please read more about selling to Hahebo or contact our buyers without any obligations.



At Hahebo you benefit from various advantage, for example, within three working days you will receive a response from us regarding your offer and if we are interested we immediately make a bid. Plus, we buy everything at once for our own account and risk and we always pay before the actual transfer. Want to sell quickly? Please complete our valuation form.

about Hahebo

With more than 30 years of experience Trade company Hahebo is at the top as global buyer. Specialised in buying store inventory, store stocks, residual batches and store furniture. With Hahebo you can quickly and reliably do business! Hahebo buys everything for its own account and risk and has many logistical possibilities to quickly deliver your store completely empty.


Hahebo is a reliable buyer that organises everything for you from A to Z! Selling your store inventory to Hahebo can be done quickly and easily. Complete our free valuation form without any obligations, we process your request within three working days. If we are interested we come to view your offer and we make a bid. If you accept the bid, you will receive your money and we organise the transport and the storage! If desired, Hahebo will deliver your building spotlessly clean.

You can find more information about our working method via the link below.


Procedure when selling your store inventory

  • Contact

    You contact Hahebo. We will process your request within three working days.

  • Appointment

    If we are interested we come to view the offer and make a bid if there is an interest.

  • Akkoord

    You agree with our bid. You receive your money before the actual transfer.

  • Transport

    We organise the transport and leave everything tidy. If desired, we will deliver your building spotlessly clean.


Would you like more information about selling your store inventory to Hahebo Buyer? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will respond within three working days. Do you want to sell directly? Please fill in our free valuation form.

Man met geld in handen. Wilt u uw restpartijen verkopen of uw bedrijf stoppen? Neem contact op met Hahebo voor meer informatie.