Selling subsidiary store items?


A subsidiary store item is an article that remains in a store or warehouse which is difficult to sell. The article takes up space and it costs money to maintain these unnecessary stocks. Are you interested in selling subsidiary store items?

Hahebo is always interested in the takeover of subsidiary store items, residual batches and surplus stocks. Regardless if this concerns a small or large batch. Some subsidiary store items that are really interesting for Hahebo are:

  • Residual batches
  • Incorrect production.
  • Surplus stocks.
  • Subsidiary store items.

Would you like to know the possibilities of a takeover of your subsidiary store items, residues or surplus stock? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


At Hahebo you benefit from a free online valuation! After you have offered your subsidiary store items to us we will contact you within three working days, if we are interested we like to make an appointment for a viewing.


With more than 30 years of experience Trade company Hahebo is at the top as global buyer. Specialised in buying subsidiary store items, company inventories, stocks, retail trade and office furniture. With Hahebo you can quickly and reliably do business! Hahebo buys everything for its own account and risk and has an excellent network to sell the goods both nationally and internationally.



Offering your subsidiary store items to Hahebo? This can be done easily and quickly? Please contact us and within three working days you receive a response from us. If we are interested we come and view your offer and make a bid. When you accept the bid, you will receive your money and we will organise the transport and storage! If desired, Hahebo will deliver your building spotlessly clean.

Below you find the procedure for the sale of your assets t Hahebo. Our working method is based on the fact that we will organise everything for you during the sales process.

Partijhandel wordt uit de stelling gehaald met heftruck

Procedure when selling subsidiary store items

  • Contact

    You contact Hahebo. We process you request within three working days.

  • Appointment

    If we are interested we come to view the offer and make a bid.

  • Agreement

    You agree with our bid. You receive your money before the actual transfer.

  • Transport

    We will organise the transport and leave everything tidy. If desired, we will deliver your building spotlessly clean.

More information?

We perfectly understand that you might have some more questions. If you have any questions please contact us, we gladly answer all of them! Would you like to directly sell assets from the (imminent) bankruptcy? Complete the valuation form via the link below. If we are interested we make an appointment for a viewing.

Twee mannen schudden elkaars hand. Wilt u ook een deal voor uw restpartij verkopen of bedrijf stoppen?