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Excess stocks, remnants, and dead stock. All goods you’d rather lose today than tomorrow. They stand in your way because they cost money and precious square footage. Hahebo is always interested in stocklots, particularly non-food, and loves to make an attractive offer – and without any obligation.

Hahebo is known as buyer of company goods, business inventory, stocklots and (over)stock products. With over 100 employees there is not a single project we can’t handle. We offer multiple shipping options to transport your goods and inventory to our locations.

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More information about selling assets? Please contact us.

About Hahebo

Hahebo is known as buyer of new and used corporate inventory, assets, supplies and stocklots. With over 100 employees there is not a single project we can’t handle. Hahebo is mainly interested in inventory like used machinery, office furniture, warehouse equipment, company cars, customer adress files, (generic) domain names, computers, and gastronomy equipment. We also buy your used stocks, supplies and all other trade goods. Hahebo is expert in buying from bankruptcy, often including real estate properties, making Hahebo an ideal partner for companies in finance and law.


The method of Hahebo Wholesale buyer is simple, plain and clear. Honest business is paramount. Hahebo is not for quick success and ‘score’, but always strives to maintain a good long-term relationship, where mutual trust plays an important role. For more information about selling your assets to Hahebo, please contact our purchasers.

See below our purchasing method:

Hahebo buying method

  • Contact

    Contact Hahebo by phone or E-mail.

  • Appointment

    Our purchasers inspects the trade goods an gives an offer.

  • Deal

    You agree and will receive payment up front.

  • Transport

    Hahebo Transports the trade goods to our location. And benefits from our broom clean policy.


More information about selling assets? Then check quickly the possibilities. Let our purchasers assess the value your goods and inventory, fill out our free valuation! Response within 3 workdays.

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