Our wholesale buyers evaluate your real estate and would like to make you an offer without obligation. Complete the form below as completely as possible and you will receive a response from our purchasing department.

Procedure valuation

  1. Our purchasers will receive your request directly.
  2. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your valuation.
  3. Our purchasers give you a valuation and/or explanation by mail or phone.
  4. If our purchasers need additional information, we will contact you by phone or mail.
  5. We aim to answer your request within 3 business days.


  • Contact

    Contact Hahebo by phone or E-mail.


    Our purchasers inspects the trade goods an gives an offer.

  • Deal

    You agree and will receive payment up front.

  • Transport

    Hahebo Transports the trade goods to our location. And benefits from our broom clean policy.