Hahebo is internationally known as seller of retail trade. Are you interested in buying stocklots? Whether you want to buy 10 pallets batch goods or 1,000 pallet trade goods, Hahebo is the place to be.

Review our assortment online or make an appointment to visit our showroom at the head office in Beugen.

Services Hahebo

  • Buying bankruptcies, furniture, inventory, stocks and residues.
  • Selling of batch goods to companies, traders, market traders and resellers.
  • Selling of catering furniture and inventory.
  • Selling of machines, tools and building materials.
  • Selling of cars, company vehicles, transport equipment.
  • Organising and running a public sale on-site.


  • 30 year experience

  • Global network

  • Reliable

  • Taking care of everything

Trading company

Hahebo Trade offers a wide range of products, comprising stocks, stock lots, and goods originating from bankruptcies and destockings. Most of the goods we offer are one-off lots with new products.

Hahebo Retail trade sells batch goods in large numbers to companies, traders, market traders and other resellers. All our batches are in stock and can always be delivered quickly.

Our assortment stocklots is not only available online, you can also see the batch goods, by appointment, in our showrooms in Beugen (Netherlands) or Ankum (Germany). You can also visit us during one of the many exhibitions where Hahebo Trade presents itself.

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